DC Solar pump

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  • Brand   Tipower
  • Type   DC Solar pump
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For water supply from wells or reservoirs
For domestic use, for civil and industrial applications

For garden use and irrigation

Maintenance-Free Brushless DC Motor 

Suitable for 24-48 Volt DC Operation 
No electronics in the motor 

Control inputs for well probe,dry running protection,remote control etc.
Integrated DSP & MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking) 
Battery Operation,low voltage disconnect for battery system operation 
Adjustable speed control of motor 
Protection against reverse polarity,overload and high temperature


1.Application innovation 
Compared with the traditional alternating current machine, the efficiency is improved 25% by the permanent magnetism, direct current, brushless, non-sensor motor. 
2.Technics innovation 
Adopt double plastic package for rotor and stator, motor insulation>300MW, the motor security was much improved. 
3.Structure innovation 

Oil filling, convenient installation and environmental protection

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