Base plate

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  • Brand   Airtop
  • Type   Base plate compressor
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  *Superior and compact designing 
  *Overload protector stops the machine when safety limits are reached and thus  
    reduces chances of damage to motor.
  *Specially designed pressure switch not only stops the machine when maximum
    pressure allowed is reached but also make the compressor start again when the
   pressure goes below the minimum threshold.
  *Faster pressure build up ensures work is uninterrupted. 
  *Superior non-return valve prevent compressed air coming back to the motor
  *Compressor is equipped with a solenoid valve which allows excess air in the
   head and end manifold is discharged and ensures easy start. 
  *Special designed crank shaft and pully connector to keep compressor working
    more safe.
  *Special designed motor shaft and pully connector to keep compressor working
     more safe.


     Suitable for all types of pneumatic tools, washing, spraying,pumping water and blowing.

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